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F1 22: Players report missing pitcoins since last server update

Published: 16:26, 04 July 2022
Reddit user Yeetmingo
Zero pitcoins showing after today's server changes
Zero pitcoins showing after today's server changes

After the planned server downtime earlier today, players were left with zero pitcoins on their accounts while the Podium pass was locked.

F1 22 launch has not been as smooth as Codemasters and EA would have wanted. From the initial Champions Edition mix up on Steam, to a huge number of reported both visual and gameplay bugs, the game seems like it's missing a month of final polishing.

Earlier today, the developers announced server downtime in some locations, while they install latest server updates, but after the servers started up again, the players noticed missing pitcoins on their accounts.

Reddit user u/aBoogieSmalls Podium pass has been locked as well Podium pass has been locked as well

The bug most likely came from trying to fix an earlier pitcoin issue, where special edition players reported that they are missing pitcoins they should have got with the edition.

Together with the missing pitcoins, some players are reporting missing race and career progress as well. The podium pass was also locked with the update, or rescheduled to release in 1.5 million years to be precise. 

None of these bugs the player can resolve on his own, and one will have to wait for developers to fix the issue themselves.

The list of unresolved issues keeps expanding, and as of now, the most notable bugs are:

  • Problem with force feedback on various wheels
  • Engine wears out after one race in Career mode
  • Front wing damage not making a difference on performance
  • Issues with liveries in career mode (sponsor placing and colors)
  • Thrustmaster Pedals can't be properly connected
  • Driver helmets missing in multiple modes
  • Safety car issue with Delta
  • Driver helmets missing in multiple modes
  • Sector times not colored properly
  • Multiple/overwhelming A.I. DNFs in the practice sessions and qualifying

There is no official statement from the developers regarding the work on these issues. 

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