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F1 22: No one is playing the new supercars mode

Published: 01:26, 03 September 2022
Updated: 01:28, 03 September 2022
F1 22: Supercars - Rival Duel, Pirelli laps challenge
F1 22: Supercars - Rival Duel, Pirelli laps challenge

Two months after the release of the latest F1 edition, the numbers for the new supercars mode don't look promising at all.

The second year of F1 game development under EA management saw some positive changes like updated race engineer, manual pitstops, full formation lap, and VR support, but also had some questionable decisions like pulling old games from the Stores to avoid paying for old licenses.

One of the more controversial additions to the game was the Supercars mode, which replaced F1 classic cars. 

It had negative feedback from the community. right from the start.

But back in May, fans have not played the mode so the feedback was more based on a feeling than anything concrete.  But as we enter the third month of F1 22 life,  some alarming data has been posted recently inside the F1 gaming community. 

Reddit user r/AuthenticLewis Drive 25 laps in a supercar is an ultra-rare achievement Drive 25 laps in a supercar is an ultra-rare achievement

The picture above shows a PlayStation trophy won by driving just 25 laps in supercars in any game mode. What is alarming about this trophy is that it was completed by only 0.7% of total users, and is valued as an ultra-rare achievement. 

That shows that the mode didn't take off among the community, and it gets worse if you take into account the title of the Trophy: Getting the hang of it, which insinuates that this was created as an easy free-for-all achievement. 

And the requirement itself is objectively easy, as driving 25 laps is not a huge number considering all game modes are included in the count.

The number of trophy collectors would be probably lower if we exclude people playing to reach 100% game/trophy completion, who will play anything regardless of the quality.

This will certainly raise some questions among the EA and Codemasters , as the mode's future doesn't seem prosperous and it wouldn't be a surprise if it gets scraped from the game next year.

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