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F1 22: Players are reporting no force feedback on various wheels

Published: 21:07, 28 June 2022
The game's launch has been turbulent so far as much as porpoising
The game's launch has been turbulent so far as much as porpoising

Among many day-one bugs, lack of force feedback seems most prevalent. Here are a couple of tips on how to try and fix force feedback.

The launch day of F1 22 has not been going great so far. First, the Steam players were unable to play the game for half a day, and now the players are reporting an alarming number of bugs across the game, spanning from visual, Career-mode, up to force feedback.

Force feedback issues range from total lack of force feedback to very mild feedback at max configuration levels. Even the gamepad players are complaining that the vibration is barely felt or even non-existing.

So far the players have confirmed these issues on numerous wheels including Logitech g920,  g29, Thrustmaster T300, and Fanatec CSL DD. Some even report that their wheels and pedals are not recognized by the game. ( Thrustmaster T-LCM for example. )

EA Issues with in-game wheel behave unexpectedly were reported as well Issues with in-game wheel behaving unexpectedly were reported as well


  How to fix force feedback

Unfortunately, there is no new way to fix force feedback. But force feedback has been an issue on release for numerous F1 games, so here are a couple of general solutions to try will we wait for Codemaster's update fix.

Reinstall wheel drivers

Uninstall your wheel drivers from the Control panel, restart your PC, and then install the latest drivers for the wheel from the official page of your Wheel provider. Restart your PC again for changes to take effect.

Change steam configuration

Locate your Steam folder, and within it find F1 (usually Common/F1). There should be a DirectX file named F1_2022_dx12.exe, open it with a right-click with administrative privileges and set the situation configuration of the wheel to 50.

Try changing the USB port

Possibly a stretch, but if you have trouble recognizing the wheel at all, try moving it into a different port as some Wheels are known to glitch based on which type of USB they are plugged in.

Check in-game settings

The last option to check is whether your in-game settings for force feedback are turned on. Navigate to Settings and under Generic settings, there should be an option to turn on FFB.

If none of these options help you, then you will have to wait for either developer to patch the game up, or someone from the community with the hotfix. 

If any fix arrives in the next couple of days, we will update the list above with the solution.

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