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F1 22: Update 1.05 brings improved A.I. and changed reliability scores

Published: 10:56, 08 July 2022
Updated: 13:48, 08 July 2022
Will the score updates see a closer difference between Ferrari and the Red Bull as in real life?
Will the score updates see a closer difference between Ferrari and the Red Bull as in real life?

The list of bugs and glitches for the new F1 game has been extending by day. Finally, EA released an update to fix some of these problems.

Yesterday, EA released a v1.05 patch for all platforms which should address many of the issues players have been having since the release.

Team scores have been updated but not to the extent the players expected, as only reliability scores were changed. The scores were obviously made after the first couple of races which saw troubling reliability on Honda-powered cars, and a seemingly reliable Ferrari engine. 

The tables have turned since then, and developers have reflected that change with the latest update. Red Bull has received an increase of 12, while Ferrari had a decrease of 12, with Renault and Mercedes both gaining 10 points, which makes Mercedes' reliability a 100, the most in the game. 

Reddit user Oli695 Updated scores Updated scores

As for the online section, not much work has been done and online still remains a bit of a mess. What was fixed in this patch is crashing when entering a multiplayer lobby in progress, and the starting grid option glitch could not be modified.

VR's performance has been improved when the companion screen is set to full screen, and head moving has been fixed while braking or accelerating.

MyTeam durability issues have been fixed among other general fixes, with the most important being:

  • ICE wear rate reduced to be less punishing
  • Characters on the podium will now appear correctly. 
  • Adaptive triggers now have the correct resistance on PC.
  • Sponsors can now be correctly applied to the Player Car.
  • Loyalty pack items will now correctly appear in users’ inventory.
  • Flying laps braking for A.I.

The straight-line speed bug which sees A.I. cars gain more than a second per lap on the player is still unresolved, with players suggesting updating setups to favor top speed rather than just copying setups from previous F1 games.

As for the problems with Thrustmaster wheels and pedals, Thrustmaster recently released a firmware update that should resolve many issues with the latest edition of F1.

To view the full patch notes for update 1.05, click here.

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