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Exo Stranger returns in Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion

Published: 16:56, 09 June 2020
Destiny - Exo Stranger
Destiny - Exo Stranger

Bungie announced plenty of new content for Destiny 2 and revealed some of the main characters for the upcoming expansion, Beyond Light. Drifter and Eris Morn will be apparently teaming up with Exo Stranger as we take on Europa.

Rasputin shooting down Almighty was cool for a few minutes but the event was drawn out for hours. This left many fans somewhat jaded and believing that the reveal on June 9, 2020, would be something similar - drawn out and populated with uninteresting fillers.

Thankfully, Bungie's reveal stream was anything but boring. They revealed some news about Destiny 2 on new-gen consoles, the new season and three expansions, going up to 2022. The first among the expansions is Beyond Light, scheduled for release on September 22, 2020.

Drifter, Eris Morn and the Exo Stranger have been shown as the prominent characters in the campaign as we make first contact with The Darkness. It is kind of obvious why Drifter is there, given his nature of dabbling in both Light and Darkness but if some theories about Ana and Exo Stranger turn out to be correct, they might deserve the spotlight more. As a side note, it does appear that Exo Stranger came from the future since she clearly states "where I come from, the Darkness won" in the expansion's trailer.

Bungie also confirmed that Europa is actually the birthplace of Exos, as opposed to Enceladus, to which we were led to believe by Cayde's voice messages and we will apparently get to see the Deep Stone Crypt.

It is also a completely new area, one which the Guardians did not visit in either of Destiny games so far. We will encounter Eremis there, a Fallen who is looking to take revenge on the Traveller, probably because it abandoned them in the past. To that end, it seems like she allied with the Darkness..

She will not be the only one to use its power though as we will also get to use some. It will probably translate into new abilities but one thing that Bungie explicitly confirmed is that we will "wield the Darkness" and get a new affinity for weapons and armour.

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