How to reset your account in Escape from Tarkov

Published: 11:37, 30 May 2022

Here is a brief tutorial how you can reset your in-game profile and the main reasons why players choose to reset.

Escape from Tarkov offers its players an option to reset their in-game profile and start from scratch. 

During the reset, the player's nickname and his friend list will stay intact, but the game's progress will be reset to the starter pack, which differs  based on which edition the player has.

The game progress includes all the earned experience, and an entire stash reset including loot, items, and money. Your standing with traders, positive or negative will be restarted as well as all skills. The quests you have finished will be erased and have to be done again. In other words, it's just like the start of the new wipe cycle.

The reset is done not through the game but via Escape from Tarkov's official website. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to reset your in-game Tarkov profile:

  1. Navigate to the official website.
  2. Once logged in, on the right-hand side you're going to see the Profile section. Click on it.
  3. The profile will have a lot of options on the right side as well, including Linking your account to Twitch, Security options, Contact support, and among the many options, there is Reset the game profile.
  4. Clicking the menu option will take you to a separate page with an explanation of what reset does. Make sure you have both your game and the launcher closed before clicking Reset the game profile.
  5. The pop-up will appear asking you to confirm. Click yes.

Log back into the game, and your profile should be reset.

If your profile can't be reset for some reason, first try to restart your PC as some instance of the game/launcher still might be running in the background. If that fails, try to delete the cache, and as a last resort, reinstall the game as it's only 12 GB in size, which is quite small compared to most AAA FPS titles.

Reasons why players reset

Profile reset offers players a new start, which can be attractive to different kinds of users. 

Players who had a bad start to the game or current wipe, and have burned through their equipment, will often choose a reset instead of having to do Scav runs for new weapons. This especially applies to players who have enhanced editions of the game like EOD Edition, which has proper start-up gear, and resetting the game offers them more than the number of scavenger runs.

The profile can be reset every three weeks.

Another type of players that reset profiles are players who finished everything that has to be done during the wipe, but a couple of months before the next month, so they want to start over.

The third reason why players reset their profile is to do the unofficial challenge runs of the game like the most famous Hardcore challenge.

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