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Escape from Tarkov: FSR 2.0 and audio rehaul announced on the TarkovTV podcast

Published: 18:19, 11 August 2022
Battlestate Games
TarkovTV August edition
TarkovTV August edition

The mid-wipe podcast brings the end of the year roadmap, some Q&A with Nikita, and new weapons footage.

On the latest podcast hosted by the  Battlestate Games Nikita, the C.E.O, talked about the game's upcoming future and the work that is being done by the developers. 

Patch 12.13 was announced and is scheduled to release sometime before the end of the year, and it should include the release of the Streets of Tarkov map, complete audio rehaul, charisma skill rework, new weapons, and the addition of the fully functional in-game trader, the Lighthouse keeper.

One of the most troubling aspects of  Escape from Tarkov the sound, is being re-done almost from scratch as the developers are replacing Steam audio entirely. The big rework will also include new sounds and effects.

The charisma and skill tree will be reworked as well, but the details about the process were not talked about. Skill tree rework could be related to the Hideout upgrades that were mentioned on the podcast, most notably the addition of the Gym to the Hideout, which will be used to buff PMC strength.

Battlestate Games New weapons shown on TarkovTV podcast New weapons shown on the TarkovTV podcast

FSR 2.0 will be added to the game sometime before patch 12.13. The idea was to show the comparison between versions on the podcast, but the deadlines were not met, so the FSR 2.0 will most likely just be added to the game once finished.

The grouping system will improve in preparation for the Arena, and the players should be able to form long-lasting groups before entering the matching lobby screen.

The new footage of the Aug assault rifle was shown during the podcast, as well as new Glock animations and updated repair kits functionality

Repair kits will have a chance to buff weapons and armor, and that chance will be based on player's utilizing skills.

Battlestate Games Repair buffs shown on TarkovTV podcast Repair buffs shown on the TarkovTV podcast

Nikita talked about the full release of the game, without a concrete date, teasing Storyline quests that are under development and that will not appear in the Beta version of the game

The quests should shape the full-game story and dynamic quite a bit, but Nikita was shy on the details as he doesn't want to spoil things for players and wishes they experience this feature in person.

As for the Arena,  no date was given, and it seems that it's not in the plans for the near future. However, Nikita emphasized that the development is going according to plan. 

The first iteration of the Arena should feature at least 4 different maps. The Arena will have spectator mode and will be compatible with the Esports competitions.

Snow and seasonal changes, as well as the Clan system, will not be a part of the main game but will be featured in DLCs.

Patch 12.30 will most likely be released in December, as we had the major patches released just before Christmas in previous years as well. If the deadlines are met, and we actually see the release of the Streets of Tarkov in December, we might see the biggest Tarkov player count ever. 

Let's hope Battlestate Games are prepared to handle the load.


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