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Escape from Tarkov: Global limits are here to stay

Published: 23:16, 13 February 2022
Escape from Tarkov cover
Escape from Tarkov cover

On a monthly Battlestate Games Community podcast, Nikita announced that global limits are a permanent feature that will help control the Tarkov market

Many topics were discussed on a two-hour-long monthly community podcast organized by Battlestate Games, and one of the topics that got people's attention is the introduction of Global limits as a feature that is here to stay for good.

In an attempt to control the inflation of prices in the Tarkov market, and to prolong the early-mid wipe feeling, Battlestate Games introduced the Global limits on the Flea market, targeting mostly high-tier items.

Unlike the personal limits where a single player could only buy a certain number of a singular item per given time, global limits are set to an item itself,.

For example, there are only 20 Altyn helmets per hour to be sold, and once they are sold, you have to wait for a restock. These limits create scarcity.

The idea is to make the game more challenging because it’s harder to get good guns & armor. Removing trade limits makes the game less dynamic as everyone goes for the same, most powerful items. Adapting your play styling to new equipment due to shortages should bring a new dimension to the game.

r/unfussyJames Spamming purchase when timer hits is a thing now Spamming purchase when timer hits is a thing now

Global limits were tested in previous wipes with events that had shortages of food, armor, and fuel, and these events are to continue more frequently in the coming future. That could be fun, and could potentially make mid-wipe interesting and different based on a current event.

The player base, however, is divided on the issue. 

On one hand, it will bring diversity to the game, as not everyone will be able to run the most powerful armor/ammo, which is suitable for casual players who do not have time to grind, and feel they have an equal ground when not competing against players who always run top-tier equipment. 

So a lot of players like the idea behind the global limits, even though they may agree that current implementation is not the best.

On the other hand, the limits in the format that they exist now are encouraging bots and bot-like behavior, where, even if you sit and wait patiently for a restock, you can still end up empty-handed if bots are involved as they will purchase the item faster than the player ever could.

Likewise, players are annoyed that they need to spend more time outside the game just to gear up instead of playing the actual game.

Global limits are currently static but Nikita mentioned that the end goal is for them to be dynamic and that they will be dictated by the market itself.

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