Escape from Tarkov: What are Fence Scav tasks and how to get them

Published: 11:58, 08 July 2022
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Player scav tasks were added with patch 12.12.30
Player scav tasks were added with patch 12.12.30

Operational tasks have had an addition of tasks done by doing Scav runs. Here is what you need to know about them.

Daily and weekly tasks were added for PMC characters with patch 12.12. They brought refreshment to the game, and although they are a bit repetitive, they are still a good way to earn gear, money, and XP. 

But last wipe they were PMC exclusive only, meaning they could only be done with the PMC character (except find & transfer tasks). That meant every trader had operational tasks except for Fence.

With patch 12.12.30, Fence offers operational tasks as well, and these are done by your Scav character, and not your main character, while XP and rewards go to your main character of course. 

Doing Scav runs is a good way to find gear and items and can be farmed for money. Now the players have another motive to do them, as Fence rewards are quite worthy sometimes. Scav runs are basically free loadouts plus extra loot you've found on the way to extract.

These tasks are a welcome addition but need fine-tuning as players report unrealistic tasks including finding 5+ of one item (suppressor, food, parts, keys, etc) during one raid or killing multiple PMC in various ways, also in one raid. 

The tasks are probably randomized and might get restructured during this wipe as improbable tasks are turning players away from doing them.

Battlestate Games Tasks can be found under Operational Tasks Tasks can be found under Operational Tasks

How to unlock Fence tasks?

The player must reach the Intelligence center level 1 in the Hideout to access Fence tasks. To reach this level you must turn in a folder with intelligence and have Security and Vents at level 2. Construction of the Intelligence center takes 6 hours and once done, your Scav cooldown timer will reduce and Fence tasks will be unlocked.

Where to find Fence tasks and how to start them?

Navigate to the Task section in the Character profile menu, and under Task select Operational tasks. If you reached Intelligence center level 1, you should see Fence's picture up there with the daily/weekly task.

Fence tasks are not showing

If the Fence tasks are not showing up under Operational tasks, and you have leveled up the Intelligence Center, try restarting the game and entering at least one raid before checking again. 

Do you get negative karma for killing other Scavs for tasks?

Yes. It is a bit weird these tasks exist, and are impractical for people who want to have high Fence karma. Killing Scavs for the task will often lead to more negative karma than you will receive for finishing the task. So if the Fence karma is important to you, we suggest skipping these types of tasks.

How to turn in the finished task?

Navigate to the same place you accepted the Task, so Profile/Tasks/Operational Tasks. Right next to the Task objectives you will have the Turn in button. If it is the find & transfer, you will first have to transfer each item from the same menu manually before turning in the task itself. The buttons should be right next to the objective.

Can't finish the task or can't turn in the found item?

You have found the item needed or finished the quest but there is no turn-in option anywhere? Check whether you finished the objectives in one raid, and if it's the find & transfer tasks, make sure they have the FIR status (Found in raid) on. Also, items need to be found after you have accepted the task, those you found earlier are not eligible for turning in.

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