Escape from Tarkov: How to fix Lighthouse map low FPS issues

Published: 19:26, 20 December 2021

Have you tried playing the new Tarkov map and have encountered major performance issues? Well, you’re not the only one. Here are a couple of adjustments you might try to boost your performance.

Escape from Tarkov has a long history of having poorly optimized maps on their release. It goes back to the release of the Shoreline map in 2017. and is as recent as the release of the Reserve map in 2019. 

The good news is, they do sort it out, but it takes time. Until then, here are a couple of suggestions on how to improve your performance.

  Clear your DirectX cache

In your windows search bar, type in disk cleanup, which will open up a menu asking you to select your main drive, and once you select it should open up the Disk Cleanup utility. 

In the options uncheck everything except DirectX Shader Cache and run the Clean-up system files command.

The method has been reported to help with the performance issues, at least for PCs that should run the game without a problem but for some reason don’t. 

  Clear your Nvidia / AMD shared cache

If you own an AMD card, this part is easy to do via AMD Radeon Settings. Under the graphic setting panel, you will find the option to reset the Shader cache.

Reset shaders option is under Graphic settings Reset shaders option is under Graphic settings

As for the Nvidia users, you will need to do this part manually as NVIDIA doesn’t give direct option to delete the cache. 

Here are the locations where you can find the cache files and delete them:

  • C:\Users\$yourname$\AppData\Local\D3DSCache
  • C:\Users\$yourname$\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\GLCACHE
  • C:\Users\$yourname$\AppData\Roaming\NVIDIA\ComputeCache
  • C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache\

The first load of the game might take a bit longer as the game will need to copy the cache files again, but it will copy the newest versions, as old files could be corrupted or changed which would result in poor performance.

  Turn off the Threaded optimization

Navigate to your Nvidia control panel, and under the 3D settings turn off the Threaded optimization which should be set to auto by default. You can do it globally for all games, or create a preset and just do it for Escape from Tarkov, up to you.

If you own an AMD graphics card, unfortunately, they don’t have an equivalent option for Threaded optimization.

  Move the game to your fastest drive

Make sure the game is installed on your fastest drive, whether it was an SSD drive or an M.2.  Installing the game on a hard drive will throttle the game's performance in every way.

Escape from Tarkov isn’t as space-consuming as most of the AAA games, so should be able to fit even if you only have one SSD with an operating system on it.

Even if this doesn’t help with the Lighthouse map issue, it will reduce your overall loading time significantly

  Reduce the texture and shadow quality

If you are eager to play the map and none of the steps above work, then you want to think about compensating the graphics for performance. 

Even though your graphics card might not be fully utilized by the game, players have reported that reducing texture and shadow textures did increase their FPS and helped with stuttering issues.

Battlestate Games will be working on fixing the optimization issues in the months to come. Hopefully, the earlier switch to Unity 2019 will help them sort out the issues quicker.

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