Escape from Tarkov: Tips and tricks every player should know

Published: 21:19, 11 March 2022
Check out best in-game, menu and shortcuts tips

Check out some common and some rare game-related tips and tricks to make your everyday Tarkov experience better.

How often do you gear up and start loading the raid only to remember you forgot to bring something very important, so you spam that escape key and wait for minutes to leave the raid. Even worse when playing with the squad as a couple of guys have to leave synchronously. 

Well, apparently, you can enter your stash by just pressing the TAB on your keyboard and you can transfer things in or out of your raid gear during the loading screen. This pretty basic functionality has eluded most of the community as it got a massive response when it got posted on Reddit. 

Here are more tips and tricks that you might find useful.


Remove a binding for quick reload from letter R or whichever letter you use for reloading. The reason being is that there is a slight delay for each of your regular reload, as the game waits a certain amount of time to check whether you're pressing the button again to know which of the two commands to do (reload or quick reload). Although it is only a couple of milliseconds, it can make a difference as at least one extra bullet can be headed your way.

Add heavy bleeding meds to one number in your inventory, and light bleeding meds to the other but have one button to call the heavy bleeding to apply on press and the same button to apply light bleeding on release.

When you use a car extract, you don't have to actually be next to the car while the counter ticks. You need to approach the vehicle to start the countdown and make it to the extraction zone before the timer runs out. There is no reason to stand next to the car like a sitting duck when you can hide and time your return

You don't have to be in the open when using car extracts You don't have to be in the open when using car extracts

By jumping backward or sideways you can achieve bigger heights than forwards. So if you're going for a jump that's barely doable keep that in mind (like Customs shortcut)

When you're extracting using the manhole cover on Reserve, prone down under the truck to avoid getting headshot by snipers on the Dome. Even if someone is aiming at you, this way only your legs are exposed.

When stashing multiple quest items while in the raid, open and close your inventory to get the place prompt immediately without having to look for it again.

Always bring in meds in the raid, and heal in-raid if you can to get additional XP instead of healing outside the raid which doesn't reward you with XP. It is also cheaper than using the quick-heal option from the therapist.

Set lean left and right to toggle to make it easier to move around and peek corners. 

Set hold breath to toggle + RMB so you can get stable aiming without losing additional time. 

Other in-game shortcut tips:

  • Keep a quad rail AK in your secure container so you can add four attachments to it without using any additional space.
  • You can clear the chamber with one key bind by setting inspect to press and check the chamber to release.
  • Press ALT + W to stop looking down your sight without making sound
  • Press CTRL + RMB to loot directly to your backpack
  • Press ALT + RMB to wear the item

Menu tips:

  • Click the green number above the handbook to remove all new inspected entries.
  • Press PageUp and PageDown keys to move to the bottom or top of your stash without having to scroll every time.
  • Tap TAB twice or F5 once to refresh the Flea market refreshes flea without cooldown.
  • You can sell items directly from your container on the Flea market by opening it up with the right mouse button and so you avoid transferring items outside the containers in your stash.
  • When assembling the gun in the weapon-presets you can press TAB to get back into your stash and make space for the build without actually losing the build
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