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Epic announce Fortnite Summer Skirmish with $8m prize pool

Published: 20:47, 11 July 2018
Epic Games
Poster for Epic Games and Fortnite's Summer Skirmish event

With less than a day left until Fortnite's Season 5 kicks off in all its still-mysterious glory, Epic have announced Summer Skirmish series of competitions starting this weekend, where the company will be giving away as much as $8 million.

So, Fortnite's first Summer Skirmish event will be in Duos mode, with the prize pool being $250,000. In the blog post on the game's official website, Epic explained that participants will be "community creators and Fortnite players who have demonstrated their competitive prowess."

There aren't many details at the moment as far as competition structure goes, although Epic did say that both format and competitors may change from week to week. As far as gameplay goes, it's not like Fortnite lets you win by sitting in a drum circle singing Kumbaya - wreck the rest and take home the prize.

The blog post also says that invitations for the inaugural matches have already been sent, in order to "jumpstart the competition". We suspect Epic will reveal more details as we draw closer to the weekend, even if most eyes are likely to bee on everything Fortnite's Season 5 will bring.

As you may have already heard, Epic really went all out teasing Fortnite's Season 5, employing strangely dressed agents, who've been handing out cards with peculiar telephone numbers. The numbers pointed to in-game locations as well as an actual one in , and it's almost become unbearable.

The company has taken to twitter to deliver the final tease, poster saying Worlds Collide and all that's left is to see what're we colliding with exactly. With rumourville churning out everything from Wild West to Egyptian deities, it's become quite difficult to keep track of all the conspiracy theories, even if some are quite informative to read.

Epic Games Teaser for Fortnite's Season 5 showing a cat-like creature Fortnite, Season 5 tease

Epic announced Fortnite server downtime for Season 5 tomorrow on 12 July at 08:00 GMT, at which time we'll know exactly what the company has in store for the next chapter in Fortnite's saga.

You can find Epic's official announcement of Summer Skirmish on Fortnite's website .

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