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Epic Games Store free game, January 12, 2023

Published: 18:38, 05 January 2023
Invisible Walls
First Class Trouble about to live up to its name
First Class Trouble about to live up to its name

Epic Games Store has recently shuffled the freebies and we can now see what the next one is for everyone.

After Kerbal Space Program and Shadow Tactics - Aiko's Choice finish their stint as free games on January 12, 2023, the next freebie will kick in - First Class Trouble.

The game is best described as a 3D Among Us clone where the participating players take roles of rich humans or human-like androids, with the former trying to survive and the latter attempting to sabotage them.

In this premise, the rich folks had their fun retreat upended by a deadly AI that they are now trying to disable, hence the group effort to do various tasks and survive.

Meanwhile, the robots are obviously in the service of the AI and will do their best to thwart the humans by knocking them out one by one.

The game puts heavy emphasis on the usage of proximity chat, which will be the main way of communication and due to the ability to eavesdrop on anyone since this will add another layer of social mind games.

Star Theory Games Promotional screenshot for Kerbal Space Program 2 Kerbal Space Program is getting a sequel soon

Unlike in Among Us, however, First Class Trouble encourages players to take out the impostors by "whatever means necessary" on top of the scheduled meetings where people can decide who to dump out of the airlock.

The switch between free games will occur at 8:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM BST / 5:00 PM CET on January 12, 2023.


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