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EA and BioWare shed more light on Anthem's post-launch support

Published: 10:49, 16 February 2019
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EA and BioWare have already posted their plans for Anthem's post-launch support but now they updated the list with a few more details on what to expect from the game's acts and updates, starting with the Act 1 - Echoes of Reality.

If you've been This is Anthem video series, you won't find many novelties in the new roadmap - only some clarification of the first act, Echoes of Reality, together with its three updates - Evolving World, Stronger Together and The Cataclysm.

We're still looking at March 2019 launch, although EA and BioWare still don't have an exact date. Considering that Anthem launches on 22 February 2019 though, we'd sooner put our money on the second half of March, if we had to bet.

That said, Echoes of Reality comes with a few sentences, describing the world of Anthem as "unfinished - abandoned by the gods", leaving it up to you and yours to bring some order into the chaos.

"Our Evolving World updates will change the game to reflect the savage, dynamic environment the Freelancers call home. In-game events vary in size, from minor ripples in reality to monstrous firestorms tearing across the sky. Regardless of their size, the danger is worth the rewards", EA said.

Stronger Together, the second update, is about "social interaction and social competition" between Anthem's freelancers, with BioWare mentioning "more teamwork, sharper tactics, and cooperative brilliance". But yeah, social.

Anthem's fans, however, seem to be most interested in is The Cataclysm, which is a limited time event coming in the third update. "A deadly new Cataclysm has emerged in the jungle nation of Bastion, and the freelancers must band together to discover its mysteries, conquer mighty foes, and reap unimaginable rewards", EA wrote.

If you're wondering about just how much can BioWare expand Anthem, then the game's lead producer Mike Gamble stressed that it was with expansion in mind. That's both in terms of storyline and the actual map, where the latter is likely to be tailored after players' habits and preferences.

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In case your hype went down a notch due to demo issues, too much waiting or something else, you can check out spectacular Anthem trailer and bring it back up.

You can find the added Anthem info .

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