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Anthem celebrates birthday with free gifts and 1.7.0 update

Published: 21:12, 25 February 2020
Red skin on Anthem's Javelin Colossus
Anthem, Colossi are red, and love to rhyme, make sure you detonate after they prime!

Anthem celebrated its first birthday three days ago, but Bioware have four reasons why you shouldn't hold this slight delay against them. Namely, players are getting four free and exclusive Empowered vinyls, and a fresh, new material.

Bioware launched Anthem on February 22, 2019, and congratulations are most certainly in order. Thankfully, the dev wanted to ensure that the fans who stuck with them through this period have something flashy to show for it. 

"From now through March 24, 2020, you’ll be able to claim four exclusive “Empowered” vinyls – one for each javelin type. In addition, we’re including a brand-new material: “Painted Metallic Flake.” All five are yours starting today; no unlocks necessary", the dev wrote. So, head on to the Forge and grab all four wraps and the new Anthem material. 

As for the update, Anthem: Icetide's February extension is done and the Patch 1.7.0 is back to the recurring schedule, i.e. regular rotation of challenges, store stuff, content and modes, coin and currency rewards, inversions and "mini-holiday seasons" throughout 2020. 

EA Anthem's Javelin Storm in purple style Anthem, there's a royal Storm brewing


  • Six concurrent, active Daily Challenges that rotate regularly through these categories:       
    • Contracts / Legendary Contracts
    • World Events
    • Time Trials            
    • Strongholds            
    • Creature Kills            
    • Gameplay Style        
  • Rotating Weekly Meta Challenges:            
    • Factions            
    • Contracts / Legendary Contracts            
    • Stronghold        
  • Rotating Monthly Meta Challenges:           
    • Bronze            
    • Silver            
    • Gold        
  • Festive challenges while mini-holidays are active.   

EA Anthem, a golden Ranger Javelin Anthem, a shiny Ranger

  •  Store Offerings:        

    • A regular rotation of armor sets, wraps, graphics, decals, and materials previously available in the Featured Store.  

  • Content & Game Modes:        

    • Seasonal gameplay modes and features have been included in the normal event rotations:            
      • Cataclysm Conjunctions            
      • Cataclysm Nexus            
      • Season of Skulls Conjunctions            
      • Season of Skulls Nexus           
      •  Icetide Time Trials            
      • Icetide Weekly Strongholds            
      • Legendary Crafting        
    • Rotating weekly gameplay modes:            
      • Sunken Cell Weekly Stronghold            
      • Heart of Rage Weekly Stronghold            
      • Tyrant Mine Weekly Stronghold            
      • Temple of Scar Weekly Stronghold            
      • Nexus    
  • Gameplay Inversions        

    • We’ve created a rotating Gameplay Inversion schedule to coincide with the weekly rotating game modes. Inversions and gameplay modes are scheduled separately to create more combinations and support diversity in week-to-week content throughout the year.    
  • Coin & Currency awards        

    • Coin and Crystals will be awarded for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Challenges.        
    • Crystals can be earned and spent at any time.    

EA Anthem's Interceptor Javelin Anthem, the green, green Javelin of home!

  • Holidays:        

    • Holidays are small events based on the yearly calendar that are primarily driven by unique challenges. These challenges will run for one to four weeks, depending on the holiday. Some of the larger holidays will include changes to the weekly gameplay mode or decorations in Fort Tarsis and the world.        
    • When can you expect to see these events in the game?            
      • We will be sharing details on these holiday events as they arrive throughout the year!

Anthem, action RPG shooter by BioWare and Electronic Arts

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