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Anthem's post-launch content includes event called Cataclysm

Published: 13:06, 07 February 2019
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EA have revealed endgame and post-launch content plans for Anthem in their latest This is Anthem video series. The new content will be delivered through Acts. The first Act begins in March and it brings limited time event dubbed Cataclysm.

Anthem' VIP and open demos offered a bit of everything to players, from technical issues to fun dungeons and open world roaming. One of the things that many players were concerned about after the demos was lack of info on the endgame content.

Their biggest fear was that Anthem wouldn't last long with only three available dungeons and legendary missions at launch.

Well, EA have decided to ease their concerns with a full reveal of planned post-launch and endgame content. In their latest This is Anthem video series episode, publisher talked about continuously supporting Anthem with new content, features, and quality-of-life fixes.

Those will be delivered through a series of updates called Acts which will advance Anthem's storyline with new locations, gameplay features and character interaction.

Act 1, dubbed Echoes of Reality is scheduled for release sometime in March and it brings "a world-changing" limited time event dubbed Cataclysm. The event comes with extreme weather, new enemies and mysteries. Every Act will have one special limited time event along with new Strongholds and rewards.

Altchar picture showing Act 1 content in anthem Anthem's Roadmap

As for Anthem's endgame content which will be available on launch, EA highlighted Strongholds, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Challenges, Contracts and Legendary Contracts.

Strongholds are Anthem's toughest missions and players had a chance to try out the Tyrant Mine Stronghold in VIP and open demo. Challenges will reward players with raw crafting materials while contracts can be picked up at Fort Tarsis and they will see players deal with "unpredictable missions" and a "unique" set of problems.

Players will get to choose from six difficulty levels when taking on these missions. Of course, the higher the difficulty level, the better your chances of finding Anthem's highest rarity gear.

Another way to obtain the best gear in the game is crafting. Playing endgame objectives will reward players with crafting blueprints for gear and personalisation items. There is also a Freeplay mode which will host random events all over the map.

You can check EA's for more info on Anthem's endgame and post-launch content.

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