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Anthem's beautiful Icetide lore story hearkens back to Bioware of old

Published: 14:56, 10 January 2020
Updated: 15:01, 10 January 2020
screenshot showing Icetide time trial in anthem
Icetide time trials

Not long after posting their delightful Icetide lore poem, Bioware posted yet another narrative delicacy. Dubbed Troublemaker, Anthem's lore story focuses on Rythe and undeniably hearkens back to the dev's golden storytelling days.

No, we're not going to spam you with "truths" about how bad Anthem is, because you can get those sort of fixes elsewhere. Even birds flying Javelins know it's not in great shape, but hey - saints have their pasts - sinners have the future, right?

Troublemaker, on the other hand, seems like a simultaneous mix of Bioware's glorious past and hopefully equally as glorious future. If their storytelling prowess is any measure - they should be back up there relatively soon.  

"The blue ready-light appeared inside her helmet. She often said she loved all her weapon indicator lights equally, but really, this was her favorite."

It's no secret that live-service games and storytelling aren't exactly the bestest of friends, and this has been pointed out ever since Anthem's been conceived it seems. 

The studio that used to sweep us of our feet with their wordsmithery didn't exactly have the room to display one of their strongest suites in Anthem. Even when they did, it had to be sandwiched between the much-talked-about gameplay, but thankfully, they've found a way around it. 

""Boom!" said Rythe. Routed, the outlaws scattered. She encouraged their enthusiastic retreat with a long stream of bullets from her machine pistol. "Is it me? C’mon, you guys! I can change!""

We won't pretend that Icetide lore stories are enough to make everything okay, but it's reassuring seeing that Bioware didn't quit. Many smaller studios managed even bigger feats by persistence and some clear communication channels with reasonable fans - there's absolutely no reason why Anthem couldn't do the same. And more. 

Nvidia picture showing futuristic soldier Anthem

For someone who was Anthem's occasionally-appearing supporting cast, Troublemaker really fleshes out Rythe and makes a human character that one can relate to. Heck, we think the blue light is our favourite too - talk about a better-than-radio connection, right?

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