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Anthem: Icetide's final week goes back into the Heart of Rage

Published: 20:37, 19 February 2020
Updated: 20:41, 19 February 2020
screenshot showing Icetide time trial in anthem
Icetide time trials

Bioware's decision to extend Anthem: Icetide through February means we're entering the last week, and perhaps symbolically - it's where it all began - in the Heart of Rage. Also, Bioware are being great sports about the Christmas decoration jokes.

Bioware made sure to remind Anthem players to go and check out The Cypher's Kiss interactive, branching story, and we wholeheartedly agree, as the dev's wordsmiths really had a blast creating it - and it shows. 

We cannot guarantee the emotional reaction you'll have, but that's what a good story does in our book, no pun intended I guess. Anyhow, you can find the link to The Cypher's Kiss here .

As for Anthem: Icetide's last week, the dev wrote, "Yes, the holiday lights and snowy vistas will soon melt away back into the rainy, humid jungles of Bastion that we know and love. Don’t worry, Twitter, we didn’t forget to take the lights down. (It’s okay, though. We laughed, too.)"

The part Anthem players need to take notice of, however, is that the previous season rules apply in this case as well, meaning crystals earned during Icetide will be reset. So, you have a week to put them to use, after which it's bye-bye. 

As it says in the title, the final week of Anthem: Icetide takes players to where it all began - the Heart of Rage, with Heart of Ice being the daily and weekly challenge. The store refreshes are as follows:

Seasonal Store

Items: Crystals:
War Chest: Legendary Component 5000
War Chest: Legendary Weapon 5000
War Chest: Legendary 5000
War Chest: Legendary Ranger 5000
War Chest: Legendary Storm 5000
Cameraman 1000
War Chest: Legendary Interceptor 5000
War Chest: Legendary Colossus 5000
Painted: Quartz Gemstone 700

Featured Store

EA Anthem: Icetide's final week cosmetics Anthem: Icetide's final week, Featured store,

Items: Coins: Shards:
18 Feb 12PM UTC to 20 Feb 12PM UTC

Wrap: Shooting Star 61,000 850
Wrap: Northern Glory 61,000 850
Standing Backflip 7,000 225
Home Run 23,000 475
Stone: Marble 5,000 175
Fabric: Burlap Plaidweave 12,000 300
21 Feb 12PM UTC to 24 Feb 12PM UTC

Mind's Sinew Armor Pack 61,000 850
Barrage Armor Pack 61,000 850
B-Boy Taunt 2 23,000 475
Decal: Crystal Fortress 6,000 200
Graphic: Spinal Chill 23,000 475
Leather: Tropical Shell 12,000 300

EA Icetide event brings snowy vistas to Anthem Icetide event brings snowy vistas to Anthem

And here are the Leaderboard Results from Anthem: Icetide's Week 10

PC (16,111,516 total points):    

  • Chef_Zhab    
  • NIGHTkilla13    
  • uLtd_Aghmaros    
  • Br0K3nDowN

Xbox One (16,359,786 total points):    

  • Sublime 4G10    
  • Vital 4G10   
  • xWoke OG GoA    
  • GamerGod4G10

PlayStation 4 (16,403,739 total points):    

  • Smile-man64    
  • RankRancid    
  • IpmXblade    
  • Asura-god-

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