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Anthem: Icetide, Week 8 Stronghold is Heart of Rage, more armour sets coming

Published: 20:05, 28 January 2020
Anthem: Icetide mech called Colossus
Anthem: Icetide, the Colossus

After being extended through February in the last update, Anthem: Icetide is entering its eighth week and Bioware have quite a few things in store. New Stronghold, new armour sets and a new lore-story - it should be a fun week for sure.

"As you may have noticed, we added two new Icetide armor sets to the game last week and have two more on the way for this week, too! Just look at this tusk-bearing lad", Bioware wrote. And we've got to admit - the "tusk-bearing lad" is quite the sight, although we'd probably go for a meaner choice of words. 

This week's Anthem: Icetide Stronghold brings back Heart of Rage, with the daily and weekly challenges being Heart of Ice.

Ever since reading and after it, we've been drooling for more of Bioware's narrative mastery. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a bit longer this time around but the good news is that Anthem's writing team is preparing something special.  

"We’re taking our time with this last one since it’s, well...let’s just say it’s a little different than the others. The BioWare writing team really had some fun with it, so we can’t wait to share it with you all", they wrote. 

Store Refreshes

Items: Crystals:
War Chest: Legendary Component 5000
War Chest: Legendary Weapon 5000
War Chest: Legendary 5000
War Chest: Legendary Ranger 5000
War Chest: Legendary Storm 5000
Wrap: Neon Shard 2600
War Chest: Legendary Interceptor 5000
War Chest: Legendary Colossus 5000
Graphic: Night Lattice 2300

Featured Store Items

Items: Coins: Shards
28 Jan 12pm UTC to 31 Jan 12pm UTC

Wrap: Speed Streak 61,000 850
Wrap: Lucid Night 61,000 850
Graphic: Tundra Stalker 23,000 475
Fabric: Burlap 5,000 176
Decal: Chilled Mark 6,000 200
Raise the Roof 16,00 375
31 Jan 12pm UTC to 4 Feb 12pm UTC

Frost Tusk Armor Pack 61,000 850
Snowdrift Armor Pack 61,000 850
Metal: Damascus Swirls 5,000 175
Decal: Frozen Crown 12,000 300
Arms Behind Back 16,000 375
Graphic: Titan's Rage 36,000 600

EA screenshot showing Icetide time trial in anthem Icetide time trials

As promised, Week 7 leaderboard results are as follows:

PC (15,992,416 total points):    

  • DatReliableGuy    
  • Bomboom2    
  • Grayfenix    
  • Blitzzwar

Xbox One (16,066,888 total points):    

  • OzS0ME    
  • KnightTheShield    
  • TokimoriCow    
  • Offshoremoss69

PlayStation 4 (16,195,488 total points):    

  • Smile-man64    
  • RankRancid    
  • emil051007    
  • Asura-god-

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