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EA respond to Anthem's crashing of PlayStation 4 consoles

Published: 09:22, 05 March 2019
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Well, the first step towards solving a problem is admitting you've got one, right? Which is sort of what EA did when they tweeted they're aware of it but haven't really offered a solution - they just called for more crash reports.

Granted, the issue seems to be a bit elusive and not all of Anthem's PS4 players end up having to unplug their console from the power outlet to make it work.

In fact, quite a few players have reported it works just fine for them, many of them right on EA's tweet. Needless to say, it's not exactly a thing that brings the community together, if you catch our drift. 

Those whose PS4's are acting up, however, are not one bit happy and most of them refuse to run Anthem until there's an official fix.

Many other Anthem players are staying put too, even though not actually experiencing the crashes. Considering the state the game has been in since launch - can you really blame 'em?

That's barely everything as there are also Anthem's rampant connection issues that seem to be affecting people at random, which further complicates things.

What it boils down to is a bunch of players who are enjoying Anthem just fine, while another group is split into those with connection issues, those with crashing PS4 consoles and those simply scared they'll brick the darn things.

And in midst of all that, here's EA assuring users they're on it but that they need more crash reports, although we're not sure how they'll persuade users afraid for their hardware to turn on the console and wait until it crashes.

If you're one of those and you're interested to give your account verbally, you can submit your report on EA's official help-site .

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In spite of the technical problems though, Anthem's physical sales seem to be doing pretty fine.

Its boxed PS4 copies remain to be the most popular though , with 54 per cent of in Sony's neck of the woods, while Xbox One and the master race settled for 40 and measly 6 per cent, respectively.

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