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YouTuber's Anthem review pulled by EA for too much negativity

Published: 13:41, 22 February 2019
One of the non-playing characters from Anthem

There's no going around this - Anthem is out and the reviews are mediocre, at best. However, honesty can cost you, especially if you're EA's sponsored reviewer as Australian YouTuber Gggmanlives has found out when his review was taken down.

It didn't take long for Gggmanlives' Anthem review to be taken down and everyone quickly pieced together what went down. Nevertheless, he posted it again, this time adding a disclaimer as well.

Much like the rest of , the roundup of which you can find on the provided link, Gggmanlives criticised the game's technical issues, as it still seems almost as glitchy as in the demos.

Sound cutting out, popping textures, characters appearing out of nowhere and the list goes on, with many of them requiring restarts, which gets pretty old, pretty quick.

Anthem struggles in the teamplay department as well, even though it's said the game is best played with friends. Good luck making three friends shut up so you can hear about the mission.

He insists that the game's progression is just as lifeless, criticising, you've guessed it, the tomb mission. It's almost as if the BioWare that designed this mission and BioWare that told some of the best stories in the business are two different BioWares.

Gggmanlives concluded by saying, "At a time when AAA developers are constantly in the firing line for various reasons, a game like Anthem sure isn't helping, and for Electronic Arts this is like ripping a bandaid off a fresh wound."

EA definitely won't endear themselves to the masses this way and with all that's going down in the industry lately, we're really starting to wonder whether there's a notoriety competition going on or something. Besides, the review is pretty spot on and it would've been wiser to heed its advice than to blacklist it. 

Altchar picture showing nature and ruins Anthem

We'd readily agree with Gggmanlives in this - support and future updates may still salvage the game, as numerous examples by other studios have shown so far.

Games like Anthem tend do live off of added content, but it might be wise to stop blacklisting people and start listening to what they're saying.

Anthem, action RPG shooter by BioWare and Electronic Arts

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