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EA appoints a new Battlefield studio, Ridgeline Games

Published: 11:47, 09 September 2022
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EA finally came to some sense as they decided to bring back elements of Battlefield that have been absent from recent entries and appointed a new studio to get it done.

Battlefield has had a rough patch for the better part of a decade and it's quite clear something needs to be shaken up. One of the main components lacking in the series since the release of BFV was a proper campaign, instead of a collection of stories or in the more recent release, nothing at all.

It appears EA also saw this, or at least Vince Zampella did, and the company has recently added a new team to work on Battlefield series in order to focus on exactly that part of the game.

Ridgeline Games is a studio that is led by Marcus Lehto, perhaps most famous for being a co-creator of the Halo universe, and it will be spearheading the development of a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe.

The announcement is quite lengthy but it's filled to the brim with PR buzzwords so not much else was actually said. It's not clear which Battlefield game the campaign will be for either.

Battlefield 2042 is all but abandoned but it remains to be seen if the company will try to salvage it by offering a narrative experience more than a year after release.

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Then again, it might be best to just cut the losses and focus on making the next Battlefield good and feature-complete, which would allow Ridgeline to develop a proper story that could get the future players invested.

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