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Don't delete your favourite Destiny 2 armour pieces before transmog comes

Published: 20:18, 03 August 2020
Destiny 2 - Titan Barricade
Destiny 2 - Titan Barricade

Destiny 2 players are still wondering whether they are free to delete armour pieces that they will be able to convert to ornaments later on and Bungie is encouraging them not to.

Transmog system for Destiny 2 has been announced a while ago but there is one crucial question for the players before it kicks in - will the system require an actual armour piece in the inventory or will we be able to pull one out of collections for the system to work?

In case we need an armour piece itself, it would mean the armour will occupy precious inventory or vault space until transmogs come around while being able to make ornaments out of anything from our collections would be much more practical.

It is for this reason that the community keeps asking Bungie whether we are free to delete armour pieces that we would like to see as ornaments in the future but these questions rarely get an answer.

Dylan "dmg_04" Gafner replied to one such topic recently but only noted that Bungie will let players know only when they "can share a solid yes or no" on the matter.

Furthermore, he reiterated that Bungie folks "don't want to make any promises that could result in players dismantling items until [they] are ready". In other words, Bungie themselves haven't figured out yet the kinks of the system and we still might need actual armour pieces to convert into ornaments.

Destiny 2

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The definitive answer is not around yet but it is better to be safe than sorry, so keep that armour in the vault for now and don't dismantle it. Hopefully, it has enough space after deleting the items that will get the sunset treatment at the end of the season.

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