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Destruction AllStars is delayed but it turned out to be good news

Published: 02:06, 27 October 2020
Destruction AllStars promo image
Destruction AllStars promo image

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that Destruction AllStars would be delayed by four months but it will no longer have the $70 entry barrier.

Destruction AllStars caught some controversy since it was one of the next-gen titles to be released with a $70 price tag. Many discussed whether it would be worth it but now they no longer have to worry about the one-off purchase as the game will be available with PS Plus for two months when it releases.

That brings us to the bad part of the news - Destruction AllStars release date has been delayed to February 2021, meaning the PS5 launch title will not be there at launch.

Sony noted that since this game is a multiplayer one at its core and is best when competing with your peers from over the world so they want it to have as high player base as possible. Apparently, this was the driving factor behind their decision to make it a PS Plus title.

The delay doesn't mean related news will cease immediately though. On the contrary, the devs will be releasing a new trailer with more details on the game in the week that starts on November 2, 2020.

Finally, those who purchased Destruction AllStars already, by means of a pre-order, Sony will refund them regardless of where the order took place.

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