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Destiny 2's The Lie community quest received much needed changes

Published: 09:14, 14 May 2020
Destiny 2 - Seraph Tower on Io
Destiny 2 - Seraph Tower on Io

Bungie attempted to rally players for The Lie community quest that is supposed to award a shotgun bearing infamy from the first Destiny but they had to increase progress multipliers, apparently due to lack of interest.

Destiny 2 players have had it with Seraph Tower events it seems. For some reason, Bungie decided to make them the focal point of the community quest, The Lie, after having players do the events in EDZ, Moon and Io repeatedly for the bunker grind.

Just like pretty much everyone in the community expected, the progress didn't go quite fast enough to complete the quest anytime soon. In Aztecross' approximation based on the first day's progress, it would take over three weeks to complete, mere days before the season ends.

Bungie's CM, Dylan "dmg04" Gafner, soon announced on Twitter that the team is looking at the numbers and may tweak the progression rate. The announcement came to reality three hours later when the official Bungie Twitter account notified players that the progress will move at five times the previous rate during workdays and 10 times faster during the weekend.

Players already know that Felwinter's Lie shotgun is the reward for completion of the quest. For those unaware, it is possibly the most infamous shotgun from the original Destiny since it had a massive range where it could drop a Guardian with a single shot.

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Given the weapon's power, one would assume everyone would want to get their hands on it but it also appears that people just can't stomach more Seraph Tower events. The massively increased progress rate will probably help the community get through the woes of public event matchmaking, again.

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