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Destiny 2's raid farming will last longer than expected

Published: 00:51, 17 July 2020
Destiny 2 - Leviathan intro
Destiny 2 - Leviathan intro

Bungie announced that Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2 was postponed and as a result, some of the planned activities and bonuses will be here to stay a bit longer.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light was originally scheduled for a September 22 release but has been postponed to November 10, 2020. The reason is the slow progress that Bungie are making on the expansion, induced by having to work from home, which was in turn caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since September 22 would mark the end of the Season of Arrivals which is currently running, it left many questions about the state of the game open, such as what would happen with some of the modifiers and other game-defining alterations that were made for the period leading up to Beyond Light's release.

Bungie provided an explanation through the latest TWAB post and the highlight is definitely that we will get more time to farm the raids than we expected. Instead of the unlimited farming wrapping up with Season of Arrivals in September, the farm fest will be extended into November alongside the season.

On top of that, Season of the Lost will take place during the season, starting on October 6, 2020. Keep in mind that another event will precede the Halloween celebrations as Solstice of Heroes will kick off on August 11.

Destiny 2 - The Dawning

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Destiny 2 - The Dawning

Additionally, there will be several modifiers in place, letting players earn more Infamy and Valor points for the duration of Season of Arrivals. It remains to be seen whether these measures will be enough to keep the interest of Destiny 2 players until the expansion drops. Bungie didn't mention whether the Hawkmoon Exotic will be making its way to live servers sooner than the expansion, hinting that it will be delayed as well.

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