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Destiny 2's first Beyond Light raid race gets a spotlight trailer

Published: 20:17, 18 November 2020
Destiny 2 - Deep Stone Crypt
Destiny 2 - Deep Stone Crypt

Hardcore Destiny 2 players are already preparing for the upcoming raid as they all want to race and eventually win the race and Bungie are doubling down on the hype with the new trailer.

Bungie released a trailer ahead of the release of Deep Stone Crypt, the first raid of Beyond Light, which will kick in on November 21, 2020. Hardcore teams are preparing to rush it in an attempt to be the world's first team that gets the prestige but this year it will be a bit different.

Namely, Bungie implemented a different rule set to avoid the competition being smeared by cheaters since the devs will not announce the winners as soon a the first teams wrap their runs up. This is because they will review the team's completion and means of doing so, in order to determine whether someone cheated.

That's an important one to keep in mind since your team may end up being the winner even if another team reports finishing the raid first. If someone on their roster cheated, the team behind them will be declared victors. Similarly, if they cheated, the third team will get the digs and so on.

As far as the hype goes, it is one of the things everyone in Destiny 2 community seems to be looking for, following the lacklustre launch of the newest expansion.

Bungie put together a trailer that showed some of the interesting moments from previous races so if you are looking to take a trip down the nostalgia road, click the play button below.

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