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Destiny 2: you are not lost, The Lie is bugged

Published: 13:52, 18 May 2020
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Destiny 2

Bungie confirmed that The Lie quest is bugged so we will have to wait a bit until the progress can't be continued. On the other hand, you have plenty of time to farm up the telemetry data.

Destiny 2's latest community quest, The Lie, just can't go a single step without running into problems. First it was Bungie's miscalculation regarding the players' interest in completing Seraph Tower public events. Not nearly enough people were doing these so the completions had to be bumped up with amplifiers.

Just as that problem was knocked out, we reached more issues. After the community wrapped up the public event grind, the players were directed to speak with Ana Bray and then shoot up half the Solar System with a shotgun. Completing that bit by quite literally grinding 1,000 creatures with countless shotgun shells, players found themselves in the Sanctuary on the Moon and without a clue on what to do next.

The good news is that all those players are not clueless, as they may have been led to believe by the game. The bad news is that the quest is bugged in this portion and dmg04 confirmed this on Twitter .

In Dylan Gafner's words, Bungie will take a look at this issue "first thing in the morning" meaning it might still be a few hours from the time of writing until the issue starts being looked into.

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Until then, those who are done with the telemetry will have to wait before undertaking the next quest step. If you still need to farm it up, you can rush into killing piles of hive with a double shotgun loadout or grind that part some other way. Alternatively, using a shotgun to kill Guardians in the Crucible counts as six mob kills so you might as well do it in PvP.

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