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Destiny 2: Xur location and items, August 21, 2020

Published: 19:19, 21 August 2020
Destiny 2 - Xur
Destiny 2 - Xur

The Nine have sent Xur over to the Guardians of Earth once more which means Destiny 2 players can look forward to some interesting gear for their load-outs.

Xur is located in the Winding Cove in EDZ this week and unlike usually, all classes have something to look forward to. In order to get to the tentacle Santa, spawn on the aforementioned waypoint and head left until you reach a point where the road branches out. Take a right and follow the asphalt road until you find the crashed Fallen ship. Jump into a cave and follow through it to reach Xur. If you are having trouble seeing the cave, it's behind the canopy of one of the two tiny trees there.

Lord of the Wolves is a unique shotgun that can behave like a fusion rifle. Its unique trait allows it to fire a hail of projectiles that will be deadly in PvP and it can shut down roaming supers if you can aim it well enough. It is also a fun gun to use so make sure you get it if you haven't already.

Titans are getting Eternal Warrior this week, a rather straightforward Exotic helmet that grants an overshield upon casting Fists of Havoc. It will protect you from getting popped by a well-placed sniper shot so it's highly useful if you are willing to swap items during a match. Works well with One-Eyed Mask since they occupy the same slot so switching is easier.

Warlocks are getting Astrocyte Verse which is a fantastic mobility enhancer for Void Warlocks. Pairing this thing with a shotgun will definitely earn you animosity from your peers as they helplessly try to figure out where you killed them from.

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy

Young Ahamkara's Spine is what Hunters are getting this week. Using it in PvP can grant one-hit kills with the Tripine, after its damage gets buffed by damaging someone with the throwing knife or Super. Keep in mind that damage from these abilities also increases the Tripmine's range as well so it will be easier to land a killing blow in PvP.

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