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Destiny 2 win trading causes another Trials of Osiris outage

Published: 18:01, 13 March 2021
Destiny 2 - Trials of Osiris Lighthouse
Destiny 2 - Trials of Osiris Lighthouse

Bungie re-enabled Trials of Osiris this week in Destiny 2, claiming to have fixed an issue that caused the mode to be disabled but it worked just fine until Bungie shut the mode down again.

Trials of Osiris is not a desirable game mode for the vast majority of the Destiny 2 player base. The reason for this is not merely that only the best of the best stand a chance as some of the most successful PvP players already noted their distaste and the underlying problems are ruining it for pretty much everyone.

Therefore, it is no wonder players found a workaround in order to get some of the best loot Trials has to offer and this time it involved win trading with Hakke emblems. However, Bungie never intended for 70 per cent or even more players to acquire Adept gear from the Lighthouse and they shut Trials down until the issue could be solved.

On March 12, however, they decided to reinstate Trials and only noted that they fixed the issue, without ever explicitly noting the problem was about the win trading. It wasn't long after that the community figured out that the patch didn't prevent them from obtaining Flawless runs without actually fighting for them and Trials resumed the way it was left a few weeks ago.

If you are on PC and start getting killed by an overwhelming amount of The Messengers, this is why.

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Update: Just as we were about to publish this article, Bungie notified the players that Trials would be out for the rest of the weekend due to the rejoin issues.

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