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Destiny 2 will sunset Crucible tokens in Season 13, Vanguard later

Published: 23:18, 14 January 2021
Destiny 2 - Zavala
Destiny 2 - Zavala

Bungie will be reworking the way vendors in the Tower operate in Destiny 2's Season 13 and that means Shaxx will no longer be accepting tokens from Crucible while Zavala will do something similar later on.

After sunsetting the gear, Bungie is now coming for your currencies. They have decided that Crucible tokens have to go and will make them into junk items when Season 13 arrives, meaning you should get to spending them before that happens. While Bungie didn't specifically say how the tokens will go out next season, it's possible they will be sold for a minor amount of Glimmer.

Bungie's reasoning for this is that they are changing the way Crucible and Gambit vendors will work . Players will be able to see what rewards expect them when ranking up, besides the Engrams that contain armour and weapons. Legendary Engrams will be available at each rank while Prime Engrams will pop up at ranks mentioned below.

Starting in Season 13, Crucible and Gambit rituals will award:

  • Rank 4: 3x Upgrade Modules 
  • Rank 7: 3x Enhancement Cores
  • Rank 10: Seasonal Ritual Shader (changes to 3x Enhancement Cores after resetting your rank) 
  • Rank 13: 2x Enhancement Prisms 
  • Rank 16: Seasonal Ritual Emblem (changes to 2x Enhancement Prisms after resetting your rank) 
  • Reset Reward: Ascendant Shard (changes to Exotic Engram after resetting your rank)

Therefore, you will not be able to hoard tokens in hopes of acquiring potentially new gear next season which will make sunsetting even more oppressive but at least we will be getting more masterworking materials.

Destiny 2

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Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
Destiny 2

With this vendor system, PvP players will no longer be forced into farming Nightfalls for Enhancement Cores, Prisms and Ascendant Shards but it remains to be seen if players will be inspired to masterwork anything at all, since their gear has a 12-month expiration date, at best.

Vanguard playlist vendor, Zavala, will not change in Season 13 but Bungie noted he is expected to get the same mechanics in a future season.

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