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Destiny 2: Void 3.0 gets first details, mostly for Warlock

Published: 10:37, 09 February 2022
Destiny 2 - Lucent Brood with Void powers
Destiny 2 - Lucent Brood with Void powers

Destiny 2: Light in the Darkness ViDoc showed us the first glimpses of Void 3.0 rework and most of the footage revolved around Warlocks.

Destiny 2 introduced Stasis back in November 2020, when Beyond Light expansion launched. Most PvP players hated the subclass while PvE players loved the new way to play the game. Despite their opposing views, there was one thing they agreed on - the customisation of Stasis builds through fragments and aspects was pretty awesome. As such, Bungie decided to go all-in with the concept and rework the Light subclasses in the same image, with Void being the first one, arriving on February 22, 2022, with the launch of The Witch Queen.

The latest ViDoc showed some of what we can expect when the expansion rolls around and most of the Void 3.0 action was from Warlocks. In total, the community caught glimpse of three fragments and two aspects .

Void 3.0 customisation options from the Light in the Darkness ViDoc are:

  • Fragments
    • Echo of Exchange - Melee final blows grant grenade energy
    • Echo of Remnants - Lingering grenades (Void Wall, Vortex Grenade, Void Spike and Axion Bolt) get an increased duration
    • Echo of Reprisal - Final blows while surrounded grant Super energy
  • Aspects
    • Chaos Accelerant - Allows you to overcharge grenades. Overcharged Vortex Grenade gets increased size and linger duration, Axion Bolt gets another seeker, Scatter Grenade gets secondary submunitions that track targets, Magnetic Grenade releases a short rang Void Blast
    • Child of the Old Gods - Casting the rift sends a Void buddy to enemies you shoot. It drains and weakens them while providing the Warlock with grenade and melee energy if they are in the healing rift or with health if they are in the empowering rift

One of the takeaways here are that Chaos Accelerant basically gives players the choice of running the Magnetic Grenade or Handheld Supernova, which is bound to be a sight to behold in PvP. 

Child of the Old Gods definitely sounds like a fun thing to run with the empowering rift as we finally get to drive our health bars up while getting that sweet extra damage.

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