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Destiny 2: Vault of Glass release date revealed by Bungie

Published: 19:01, 30 April 2021
Destiny 2 - Vault of Glass
Destiny 2 - Vault of Glass

Vault of Glass is returning for another round of recycling in the near future as the Destiny 2 community is preparing for a World's First race that will be a bit different from others.

Venus was vaulted in Destiny 2 but that didn't stop Bungie from recycling content from that particular planet. Vault of Glass will return, once again, on May 22, 2021, at 10:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM UTC.

Just like with previous raid races, Contest Mode will be active for the first 24 hours but besides the regular steps, there will be additional ones if you want that World's First title. 

First of all, 1,300 Power will be the cap for all the encounters so make sure the otherwise arbitrary number on the fireteam's gear is up to par. Second, clearing the Contest Mode is only the first step in the race as it will unlock the new Challenge Mode in the Director as well as Temo's Edge Triumph.

Tempo's Edge will contain a list of triumphs you need to complete and all of them will be tied to the Challenge Mode. The first team to get Tempo's Edge checklist done will be the crowned champions. If your team fails to adhere to the conditions of each encounter in this mode, it will be an instant wipe.

After going through the gruelling process of becoming the first team to complete Tempo's Edge, the team will be awarded with a belt that will also commemorate the champions from the race in the same raid, seven years ago.

Oh and, if you were hoping to get out of the raid and explore Venus, you won't be able to do so.

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