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Destiny 2 update adds new and rebalances current clan XP rewards

Published: 08:12, 10 July 2019
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Destiny 2

Bungie seem to be really enjoying their post-Activision era and after the recent announcement of two-month-long Moments of Triumph, the dev rolled out a smaller update to Destiny 2 that rebalances clan XP rewards and adds a few too.

As we already said, the update is smaller, spefically in terms of gaming content, but there are some meaningful changes when it comes to clan-related activities.

Bungie have added clan XP rewards to Strikes launched from the Director, Black Armory forges and Escalation Protocol, where the latter requires players to complete Level 7 and open the chest.

Destiny 2 team also rebalanced clan XP rewards, and the new table is listed below for convenience. 

In terms of Sandbox changes, Bungie put a stop to Outbreak Perfected generating nanites when shooting immune targets, and threw in a few minor fixes as well, such as selective sidearm reloading and the over-the-top audio that occured with Sturm's Accomplice perk.

Clever devils who liked hiding in that out-of-bounds spot on Emperor's Respite map will no longer be able to reach it.

The update brings some Destiny 2 Menagerie fixes as well, such as addressing the bug that granted players multiple rewards in the same run by using their Chalice.

Additionally, only living players will be scored for completing laps in the Gauntlet encounter of the Menagerie, Werner's weekly bounties will no longer mysteriously dip in quality, Rune Bonus II for the Chalice will be refunding runes and the issue with reseting of chests on the Barge has been fixed.

Bungie screenshot from destiny 2 showing three characters with glowing horns Destiny 2 The Revelry rewards

Among the remaining changes in Destiny 2's update are some Eververse fixes, like the one that prevents Seasonal Eververse armor from dropping from Eververse bundles with random perks, although players who currently have them will retain the armour and perks.

You can find the full patch notes , while the list of rebalanced clan XP rewards is as follows:

  • Raid: 2,000
  • Raid lair: 1,500
  • Nightfall: 1,000
  • Crucible: 500
  • Strikes: 500
  • Patrol: 250
  • Story: 250
  • Adventure: 250
  • Heroic adventure: 500
  • Forge: 500
  • Menagerie: 1,000
  • Reckoning:

            Tier 1: 500

            Tier 2: 750

            Tier 3: 1,000
  • Escalation Protocol: 750
  • Gambit: 500
  • Public events: 250
  • Blind Well: 250

Destiny 2, Bungie's three newly added pinnacle weapons

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