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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen improvements to Gambit - TL;DR version

Published: 16:40, 18 February 2022
Destiny 2 - Drifter
Destiny 2 - Drifter

Bungie recently revealed their plans for updating Gambit in Destiny 2 and while it was exciting, the post was pretty lengthy. So here is a TL;DR version.

Gambit is suffering from numerous issues in its current state but it is mere days from getting a bunch of upgrades that should improve the players' opinions on the game mode, bringing its popularity more in line with Vanguard and Crucible. 

Numerous issues meant numerous fixes and Bungie seem to be on the right way to fixing them because the Gambit section of the TWAB was massive. For your convenience, we put up a full list of Gambit changes coming with Destiny 2 : The Witch Queen.

  • Freelance mode
    • Solo queue, you won't get stomped by stacks anymore
    • Bungie is investigating ways to prevent Freelance from splitting the population
  • Enemy variety on different maps
    • It's back on the menu, after we were stuck with a single variation per map since Beyond Light
  • New spawn points
    • You can now respawn in the areas where AI enemies pop up
    • Invaders will also get spawn variety
  • Mote loss on death
    • You now drop half the motes when you die
    • Invaders can drop more motes than before
  • Revives
    • Timer for reviving an ally is down by two seconds
    • Respawn timer delayed by two seconds
  • Match game
    • AI shields will be sturdier to damage not coming from the same element
      • Not as sturdy as in Nightfalls
  • Blocker rebalance
    • Phalanx (10 motes) now has more health
    • Knight (15 motes) gets a Stasis attack
  • Mote drain
    • Can continue even if you have a Primeval up
    • Gets paused if a player is near the bank, even if multiple blockers are around
  • Special and Heavy ammo
    • Clearing all enemies in a site spawns a chest with Special and Heavy ammo
      • Despawns after 20 seconds
      • Contains less ammo than ordinary bricks
    • Kills on High-Value Targets spawn a Heavy brick for each player
    • Enemy spawn points will spawn a Heavy ammo chest during the Primeval phase
      • Happens once per 60 seconds
    • Special and Heavy bricks now only drop from enemies if you have appropriate mods or gear
  • Primeval phase
    • Health is back to pre-Beyond Light levels
    • Slayer stacks are back
      • Overall harder to kill after first or second Envoy wave, after third it's the same
    • Envoys spawn in AI enemy sites, not at the bank
    • Envoys have less health but aren't affected by Slayer stacks
    • Envoys put invulnerability shield on the Primeval
    • Primeval Servitor removed from the game
      • Malfeasance quest starts after the first Primeval kill, regardless of the type
  • Invasions and PvP
    • Light / Power level advantages disabled
      • This happened in Beyond Light but the tooltip will now reflect it
    • Invasions trigger at 40 and 80 motes banked
    • Invasions can no longer be saved up
    • Invaders no longer see the number of motes on enemies
    • Invaders lose wall hacks when aiming down sights
    • Invader kills heal the Primeval for 27 per cent health

Destiny 2

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Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
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All of these changes, along with Gambit reward focusing should make the game mode much more desirable for the players but only time will tell. At least, you won't get spammed by invasions anymore.

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