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Destiny 2 stat-focusing Umbral Engrams are not as good as you might think

Published: 19:03, 23 June 2020
Destiny 2 - Umbral Focusing
Destiny 2 - Umbral Focusing

Season of Arrivals came with a mini Menagerie-like targeted loot system but what is meant to be the best anti-RNG tool, as far as armour goes, really falls flat.

Umbral Focusing in Destiny 2 is a welcome change when it comes to obtaining gear with perks and stats that players will like. Being able to choose between two perks is a great addition for weapons and there is even a possibility to get armour with higher stats, provided you farmed up enough upgrades for the Prismatic Recaster.

However, the third and most expensive line of Umbral Focusing is meant to be the best tool where players can hunt for the stats they want on armour pieces. One would hope so at least since focusing a single Engram that way costs an arm and a leg.

As it turns out, this is not the case. Despite the description insinuating that the Engram will yield an armour piece with one attribute that is preferred, it is not how this works. Instead, it only guarantees that the chosen stat will not roll under 10 . In other words - this is merely a minimum stat guarantee and not a higher chance for it to roll with a better number.

For example, if you choose a Recovery-focused Umbral Engram, it only means that the rolled armour piece will not have less than 10 recovery. Another stat might still roll higher than that.

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Basic Armor-Focused Engram costs just 50 Altered Element before Umbral Mastery IIII, while stat-focused Engrams stand at a whopping 250 as well as a Trace Override. Having to pay five times the price for a mere minimum stat guarantee is way over the top so we would suggest you avoid stat-focused Engrams until Bungie improve them.

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