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Destiny 2 Stasis PvP-only nerf date and details revealed

Published: 14:47, 12 March 2021
Destiny 2 - Zavala meme
Destiny 2 - Zavala meme

Stasis troubles in Destiny 2 have been torturing the PvP modes but the subclass' effectiveness will be nerfed in less than two weeks from this article's publishing.

Stasis Hunters and Titans have been a major headache in Destiny 2 PvP ever since their introduction. Warlocks too but the nerf hammer hit them already, slightly too much and Bungie are compensating for that in the patch that will go live on March 23, 2021, the same one where Behemoths and Revenants will get nerfed.

Shatterdive is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to Revenant and it will no longer get damage resistance. Furthermore, you won't be able to spam it anymore since it will get a four-second cooldown.

Withering Blade is another annoyance that is getting swatted as the damage to players will be reduced from 90 to 65. Slow stacks applied to players will go down from 60 to 40 and the target acquisition range of the ability after impact with a player is down to eight metres. None of these changes will affect PvE.

Similarly, Behemoth changes are focused on PvP only as Guardians will no longer get frozen around the Titan casting the Super. Damage resistance is down from 60 to 50 per cent, giving players a chance to kill the punching popsicles.

They will retain their mobility but won't be able to spam Shiver Strike as much since it will consume seven per cent Super energy instead of just three. On top of that, comboing Shiver Strike and Heavy attack will consume more energy. 

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
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Stasis Warlocks are getting buffs to make them a bit stronger than before but one more key nerf that is coming with the patch is the one affecting Duskfield Grenades .

These lethal things overloaded with utility will now have about 35 per cent lower pull strength as well as half the slow stacks that are applied both initially and with each tick. 

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