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Destiny 2 Season 11 changes outlined in latest TWAB

Published: 09:46, 05 June 2020
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Bungie highlighted some of the system changes that will live with the new Season of Destiny 2, which will appear on June 9, 2020. They are still tight-lipped about the new content.

Season 11 of Destiny 2 will apparently contain some "introductory" changes which will be built upon in Season 12. One of the first changes highlighted in the TWAB from June 5, 2020 , are the Legendary Armor Ornaments which will be shifted to aspirational content as opposed to being stuck in Eververse. Meanwhile, the Intrepid set is returning to Eververse.

Those who prefer to use Eververse for Bright Dust purchases only will probably enjoy the fact that the Season Pass will get an additional 2,300 of the currency involved. Technically, it's less than grinding bounties on two characters but we won't say no to more Bright Dust.

Some of the most requested items from the previous seasons will return, such as Wishes of Sorrow ornament for Thorn. As for Silver-only purchases, Bungie will showcase them in a different post.

Some Guardians have voiced their concern over not having enough incentive to play raids but those who haven't collected the associated Exotics might want to check them out as One Thousand Voices, Anarchy and Always on Time (sparrow) will have an increased drop rate. The first completion will have a 10 per cent chance to yield them, ramping up to 50 per cent over 20 clears.

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Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy

Furthermore, controller players will be able to rebind their buttons when Season 11 arrives, which may be useful to some but also unnecessary for those who grew used to the current layout over the years.

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