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Destiny 2 offers more details on Void 3.0 for all classes

Published: 12:46, 11 February 2022
Destiny 2 - Void Hunter
Destiny 2 - Void Hunter

Bungie shone some more light on Void 3.0, forgive the pun, and revealed the basics of what every Destiny 2 class can expect in the beginning of their adventure.

Bungie initially revealed the most about Warlocks when it comes to Void 3.0 but they followed up with a blog post and then a TWAB highlighting the changes to Titans and Hunters as well. On top of that, the TWAB detailed the starting kit each class will have.

In general, Titan highlights include Ward of Dawn improvements that will make it a great reactionary defensive tool, as opposed to being stuck to using it in preparation of heavy blows. Meanwhile, the Sentinel Shield will now grant full overshield when hitting enemies with Shield Bash.

Additionally, the Titan Aspects include Controlled Demolition, Bastion and Offensive Bulwark, laying some of the biggest fears the fans had to rest. Yes, you will still be able to blow up masses of enemies while getting a bunch of ability energy back.

Hunters are leaning further into being the stealthy class of Destiny 2 , with their Aspects including Trapper's Ambush, Vanishing Step and Stylish Executioner. They will retain the mechanics of the Snare Bomb but Moebius Quiver and Deadfall will be altered. The Quiver will now shoot a volley of three arrows that track targets and make them volatile upon tethering while Deadfall will pull enemies in, which sounds kind of like the Deadfall before the nerfs.

Warlocks will be able to shoot Nova Bomb to explode it early while the Cataclysm enhancement will still provide the smaller tracker projectiles upon detonation. Nova Warp will apparently have better teleportation mechanics but the TWAB didn't really go into details.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Lucent Brood with Void powers Destiny 2 - Lucent Brood with Void powers

Pocket Singularity melee upgrade will cause void explosions near the enemies, making them volatile while providing some sort of crowd control, based on the blast zone.

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