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Destiny 2 leak reveals upcoming Bad Juju Exotic rifle

Published: 18:38, 30 June 2019
Picture of the Bad Juju weapon from Destiny
Destiny - Bad Juju

Bad Juju will return to Destiny 2 at a later date during Season of Opulence, at least according to a leak submitted on Reddit. There are, however, some indicators that the leak may be true and not just another whimsical internet joke.

Bad Juju is an Exotic pulse rifle that is available in Destiny and some fans were probably waiting to see when it would make a return in Destiny 2. They might not have to wait long since a leak revealed the weapon will become available through a mission called The Other Side.

The players will return to the Leviathan while journeying to the Ascendant Plane and the mission's plot will be tied to The Dreaming City storyline from Forsaken.

Other exotic missions were available before The Other Side but it appears that the latter will be unique due to not having a timer like its predecessors.

It will instead feature more challenging mechanics that the leaker compared to The Shattered Throne dungeon. On the other hand, the mission itself and player adventures related to it will not be classified as dungeons.

The Catalyst that was almost a month prior to the writing of this article revealed a weapon shaped in the same way as which could mean the leaker is actually spot on.

Furthermore, the post itself detailed several other indicators that testify to its authenticity. For example, the trailer for the Season of Opulence shows the Ascendant Leviathan with a glowing symbol in the centre that supposedly resembles the head of Bad Juju.

One of the possible proofs that Bad Juju is coming soon is Bungie's recent nerf pattern. One redditor that the super-regen Exotic nerfs already caused a theory that Bad Juju was about to make a return.

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Since it will most likely keep its traits from the original Destiny, Bad Juju may just be what bullet-crazed guardians are looking for. They will never have to reload as long as they keep killing things.

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