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Destiny 2 is getting Exotic armour focusing next season

Published: 09:49, 06 April 2023
Updated: 10:01, 06 April 2023
Destiny 2 - Exotic armour focusing by expansion
Destiny 2 - Exotic armour focusing by expansion

Destiny 2 is looking to ease one of the problems that the players run into by farming Lost Sectors and we might finally be able to properly get Exotics worth building around.

Destiny 2 has major issues with Master and Legend Lost Sector loot as the game appears to award only one Exotic drop per four runs .

While it's stingy on its own, the problem gets even worse when you factor in the RNG for the total stats on the armour piece you get and then the RNG of distributing those stats and even more RNG of getting the correct Exotic in the first place.

All of these issues caused Lost Sectors to be a terrible source of loot and player frustrations stemming from it have been quite visible in the past weeks. One of Bungie 's responses to the complaints is Exotic armour focusing which is coming in Season 21.

With enough masterworking materials, players will be able to craft the exact armour piece they want or if they want to invest less, they can choose an Exotic from a specific expansion, at the cost of increased RNG.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Exotic focusing by expansion Destiny 2 - Exotic focusing by expansion

Getting a random Exotic from an expansion will cost an Exotic engram, one Ascendant Shard, and 30,000 Glimmer.

Focusing a specific armour piece will cost one Exotic engram, three Ascendant Shards, 60,000 Glimmer, and one Exotic Cypher.

Bungie will also increase the amount of Exotic Cyphers you can hold from one to five, which should mean easier life for everyone.


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