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New World offers huge compensation for players affected by gear loss bug

Published: 03:19, 06 April 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World player wrecking it with a greatsword
New World player wrecking it with a greatsword

Another day, another bug in New World but this time around, the players came out on top.

Amazon Game Studios had a rough few weeks after a series of blunders with the first season of New World , which was repeatedly delayed so it doesn't get a broken release. 

It was still released broken.

One of the problems with the new season manifested in items that disappeared from a group of players, which probably isn't a big part of the community but that doesn't mean it should be ignored.

Namely, the players that lost their gear were the ones that logged out while their character was dead. This also refers only to the players that logged out in such a state prior to Fellowship and Fire update.

As compensation, these players will receive 50,000 Marks of Fortune which is equivalent to $50 worth of the premium currency.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Zander New World - Zander

It wasn't long before a comedic cascade of comments started happening on Reddit, with people asking AGS to take their gear in exchange for the currency.

The best part is that the currency compensation is just there as thanks for the players' patience - it is not a replacement for the lost gear.

In fact, while the patch to restore the gear without taking away progress from the players is complicated, AGS announced it is indeed coming. In other words, the players that lost items actually lucked out and will simply be a lot richer in the future while they lost nothing.


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