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Destiny 2 is buffing Aeon Exotic gloves next season

Published: 01:54, 05 February 2021
Destiny 2 - Aeon Swift
Destiny 2 - Aeon Swift

Bungie released another TWAB and this one is focusing on Season of the Chosen where Destiny 2's set of Aeon Exotic gloves will finally become useful.

Aeon Swift, Safe and Soul have easily been the worst Exotic armour pieces in Destiny 2 thus far as they specifically require your other teammates to wear one of those three for any of you to benefit. Furthermore, the bonuses weren't even strong enough to justify such build alterations but all of that stands to change in Season of the Chosen.

Bungie is scrapping the old Exotic perk and giving these gloves unique new mods, called Sect of Force, Sect of Insight and Sect of Vigor. Any one of these mods can be applied to any Aeon gloves, regardless of whether it's the Hunter, Titan or Warlock version. Each mod will have a benefit for the wearer and two benefits for allies around them.

Sect of Force will give you reload speed and handling bonuses when landing precision hits rapidly. When you stun a Champion or defeat a boss or miniboss, you will grant allies grenade and melee energy. If they are wearing Aeon gloves with a different mod, they will gain Super energy as well.

Sect of Insight will cause rapid precision kills to spawn Orbs of Power. Using a finisher on an Elite will spawn Special ammo while using it on a boss or miniboss will spawn Heavy ammo. Aeon cultists with different mod equipped will gain a weapon damage bonus for a short period of time.

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Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
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Sect of Vigor will cause you to gain class ability energy when allies die and grant full energy upon reviving them. Casting Super grants allies a burst of healing while those who wear Aeon gloves with a different mod will also get an overshield.

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