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Destiny 2 Heroic Menagerie chest exploit will be fixed soon

Published: 09:57, 28 June 2019
Destiny 2's Drifter is too shady by half... is he more in league with the Darkness than we realised?
Destiny 2's Drifter is too shady by half... is he more in league with the Darkness than we realised?

Bungie recently had another dev blog post where they noted they are aware of the Heroic Managerie chest farming exploit and that they are going to fix it on 9 July 2019. They are also being good sports about it with no bans included.

Destiny 2's Season of Opulence had a shaky start with several nerfs that caused some player frustration and the introduction of the Heroic Menagerie wasn't exactly smooth either.

Players quickly discovered that opening the reward chest didn't boot them back to the Tower. They would instead get a five-minute timer before it happened which gave the players enough time to rush out of the area and race back in so they could open the chest again.

They kept doing it over and over again for maximum gains but that is all coming to an end on 9 July 2019 which is still almost two weeks away from the time of writing.

Instead of banning players for their own oversight, Bungie decided to be decent about it. They invited anyone who exploited the chest to continue doing so, stating the players can consider this an "error in [their] favour".

It is actually refreshing to see developers own up to their oversights and not punish players for it, even though that was traditionally the way developers of various games dealt with such issues.

For example, ArenaNet messed up with different currencies back at Guild Wars 2 launch, allowing players to buy items for Karma and sell them for Gold which was much more valuable. This ended in over for simple currency conversion that was actually the developers' fault.

More recently, BioWare banned some players, including a who farmed chests in a somewhat similar manner.

Bungie An armored guy holding a fiery hammer. Destiny 2

Then Bungo comes along and players to abuse the chest they forgot to limit to just one opening per run. Kudos.

Keep in mind that the update on 9 July 2019 will limit the chest to one opening, so make sure you grab as much loot from it as you can until then.


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