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Destiny 2 gets Strand fragments earlier than planned

Published: 03:58, 03 March 2023
Destiny 2 - Strand in action
Destiny 2 - Strand in action

Bungie is trying to put out the fires started by Lightflal and now they are enabling Strand fragments earlier than expected.

Destiny 2 is pretty light on content when it comes to the newest expansion and it didn't help the community's opinion of the game that the writing ended up being so weak.

This resulted in backlash as the combination of low quality and quantity caused public opinion to reach a critical point so Bungie is altering some plans on the go, in hopes of appeasing the enraged player base.

Drip-feeding the Strand subclass was the plan originally but we are now getting it all in one go, which should have been a thing from the get-go.

Namely, Strand fragments were planned to be released over a prolonged period of time to force the players into coming back if they wanted to experience the full extent of the subclass they paid for but that is changing with a live update.

Now all the fragments should be available at Ikora so just hop on over to the Tower, buy them up and meditate to unlock them.

Considering that Bungie dropped the ball hard with Lightfall, it remains to be seen whether this change will have that much of a positive effects on the general opinion but it's at least some good news for the players.

Additionally, this should help the raid race once it goes live on March 10, 2023.


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