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Guild Wars 2: What Lies Beneath map meta is farmable with guilds or large groups

Published: 17:00, 28 February 2023
Guild Wars 2 - What Lies Beneath
Guild Wars 2 - What Lies Beneath

ArenaNet put a twist into the meta formula with the latest release, allowing the players to do the event repeatedly, with one caveat.

Guild Wars 2 's World Events are normally on a rotational timer where the players can plan out which events to hit or even just follow a train through the entirety of Tyria to line their pockets and clog their inventory.

ArenaNet decided to switch things up with What Lies Beneath, where the map meta is not on a timer. Instead, it kicks off as soon as the game detects enough players are present on the map.

What this means is that a guild or a large group of people that formed up on Discord can just pop in and activate the event whenever they like.

With that in mind, you are probably asking if the devs put some other restrictions in place, like a cooldown. No, they didn't. 

The large group can farm the meta over and over, for as long as they like and as frequently as they like. Just group up, hop into the new parts of the Jade Sea that opened up and start beating the Jade Brotherhood down.

It remains to be seen whether the rewards will be worth it though as having Octovine's worth of loot could be risky for a repeatable event.


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