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Destiny 2 gets 2018 roadmap, Eververse changes and post-launch content

Published: 15:18, 12 January 2018
Poster for Bungie's game Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 didn’t really end on a great note for Bungie as the company’s Dawning event made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Determined not to get caught making the same mistake again, the company seems to be taking a more thought out approach as they laid out their plans to the public in a lengthy post.

In order to prevent further confusion of who is eligible for what update, and most likely due to players being locked out of content for not owning the Curse of Osiris, Bungie posted a roadmap, drawing clear distinctions between DLCs, seasons and Eververse content.

As you can see, Season content will be free for all Destiny 2 players, whereas DLC and Eververse content will require cash and/or achievements, respectively. That's right, you paid top dollar to sit in the ghetto. Welcome to games-as-service.

Bungie A roadmap chart for upcoming changes in Destiny 2 Roadmap simplified

Scott Barrett, the game director, admitted that "the scales are tipped too far towards Tess at the moment, and Eververse was never intended to be a substitute for end game content and rewards."

Ghost, Sparrows and ships will be added to achievement reward pools, in an attempt to make in-game activities of players more relevant when scouring for new content than the in-game store. Barrett says there will be a gameplay path to Bright Engrams as well as more direct purchase options, subject to further tweaks. Expect some of these changes to start with the Crimson Days event, starting on 13 February.

Bungie Sun displayed on trailer screenshot from Desinty 2 Curse of Osiris Destiny 2's first DLC will allow you to stare directly into the Sun

Bungie is looking at a busy January though, as the Destiny hotfix, scheduled for 16 January, “fully removes Curse of Osiris requirements from Seasonal Content.” The 30th of January update will expand the Masterwork system to include armour, where the armour grants users increased damage protection when using Supers. Note that armour stat types on Masterwork Armour can be rerolled and that armour can be upgraded to Masterwork with Masterwork Cores and Legendary Shards.

Bungie also promises more unique and interesting Raid rewards in form of Raid-specific perks and a certainty of them dropping in major encounters. Additionally, there will be "a new Ghost with Raid-specific perks that has a chance to drop from the Leviathan and Eater of Worlds final encounters."

Bungie Destiny 2 in-game character screen showing armor stats Masterwork Armor

Bungie Create game screen in private match feature of Destiny 2 Players will be able to challenge friends in private matches

The spring update is where things get a bit hazy, but seeing as there’s a lot to do until then, we can’t complain. Destiny 2 players can expect Spring changes to bring another piece of DLC, Crucible changes, addition of private matches, 6v6 PvP among others minor ones. For more details, refer to .

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