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Destiny 2 fan-favourite Telesto is bugged once again

Published: 02:31, 06 November 2021
Destiny 2 - Telesto
Destiny 2 - Telesto

Sound the bells, Telesto is at it again as Bungie will have their hands full with the Fusion Rifle once more. This time around, it's spawning elemental wells and warmind cells.

Telesto's list of bugs in Destiny 2 is probably longer than the list of burns Crow is keeping in his stash, in case Saladin tries to heckle him again. Anyway, the rifle is now able to produce elemental wells and warmind cells, which makes it much more potent in PvE.

If you are looking to spawn the wells, it is enough to bring along an Explosive Wellmaker mod that causes wells to pop up. One particularly interesting thing about this is that Telesto will spawn Solar wells even though the weapon's damage type is Void. The mod specifically notes it spawns Solar wells but one would at least expect Solar explosions would be required to make it, not void.

The other bug that is currently live is that Telesto can spawn warmind cells too. In order to spawn them, you will need to fire Telesto on the ground that the enemies will presumably walk over. Before they do so, you need to switch to a weapon that normally spawns the cells, such as Seventh Seraph or Ikelos guns. When the explosions occur due to enemy proximity, warmind cells will start popping up and allow you to damage or debuff enemies or do whatever your armour mods do to the cells.

Bugs with Telesto happen often enough for the community to keep track of when it occurred last and the last time around, the clock was reset mere hours before publishing.

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