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Destiny 2 dev promises exciting news on Year 4 in two weeks time

Published: 13:58, 29 May 2020
Destiny 2 - Seraph Tower on Io
Destiny 2 - Seraph Tower on Io

In their latest community update post, Bungie said they discussed Year 4 content but not how it starts, and promised some exciting news in two weeks time.

Much like the rest of the world, Bungie have been forced to relocate their operations to the safety of their couches. No, they don't sell 'em at Eververse, what are you on about?

Anyway, they promised "exciting news" news in exactly 12 days, but this time it won't be via a convention. Instead, Bungie said they'll use the internet, so it's safe to say we're getting a live stream with the aforementioned exciting news.

As promised, Bungie have been posting a series of deep dives into upcoming Destiny 2 changes, and we've included the links below in case you missed some of these. 

"We’ve said a lot about changes coming in Year 4, but we haven’t talked about how Year 4 begins. Very soon, we'll do just that", said Bungie's production director Justin Truman. 

Truman also mentioned that developing Destiny 2 in an open and transparent way is not a path without missteps. "But it continues to be worth it, every step of the way, because I can honestly say this is the most welcoming, most passionate community of players I have encountered, in any game", he added. 

As for the immediately available goodies, Twitch Prime subscribers are getting the following this week:

  • The Prospector – Exotic Weapon    
  • Belvedere – Exotic Weapon Ornament    
  • Hecuba-S – Exotic Sparrow    
  • Pintail Shell – Legendary Ghost Shell

Bungie Destiny 2's Twitch Prime Rewards Destiny 2, May 29, Twitch Prime Rewards

You can find the latest  This Week at Bungie post here .

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