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Destiny 2: Dawning event resets will happen on Sundays

Published: 16:09, 16 December 2020
Destiny 2 - Dawning Warlock ornament
Destiny 2 - Dawning Warlock ornament

Bungie announced that The Dawning event will have resets on a different day, compared to the regular weekly resets and the PvP ones that happen before each weekend.

Destiny 2 is having its share of problems with the issues imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic as the game's latest expansion has had a rocky launch and not exactly stellar reception. Season of the Hunt also has its ups and downs and the trend seems to continue with the events, the latest one being The Dawning.

In case of this event, there are some issues that range from inconveniences or annoyance to the players all the way to development issues for Bungie. It is for the latter reason that The Dawning will have its weekly resets each Sunday, at 9:00 AM PST / 5:00 PM UTC.

This information is coming from the official Twitter account that updates players with the service status and exceptions such as the new reset policy. Meanwhile, the regular weekly resets will continue to happen at the same time on Tuesdays, which may end up somewhat confusing for the players.

The reason why this may be the case are the Eververse rotations where the players will undoubtedly try to get their hands on some of the fancy Dawning cosmetics for Bright Dust and are therefore following the resets. Chances are that the Eververse resets will also stay the same, each Tuesday, coming with the regular weekly resets.

There is also no indication that the Friday resets would be altered at all, except for the hope that we will finally see the return of Trials of Osiris on December 18, 2020.

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